Commercial and Operational Excellence

Kukuza collaborates with organisations to define their strategic direction and target customers, plan and develop their value proposition and sales strategy, deliver the solution by deploying effective commercial capabilities, and track their above-market performance and growth improvements.

Examples of how we have supported commercial and operational excellence:

1. Price, pricing strategy and margin management

  • Redefinition of optimal product prices and pricing strategy
  • Data visualisation by geographical region, sector, product and customer
  • Product / SKU rationalisation based on customer need and product performance
  • Real-time pricing simulation and custom client-specific models

2. Sales force effectiveness

  • Redesign of the sales process and approach
  • Design of sales KPIs, performance metrics and reward systems
  • Deployment of effective sales support technology solutions
  • Sales effectiveness, dashboards and reporting
  • Implementation of sales and back-office support strategies and solutions


  • Strategy facilitation to understand what drives customer-led value, and to define the capabilities required to meet and exceed customer needs
  • Cost-to-serve analysis by customer, product and country to allow for more focused customer-product alignment
  • Strategy and incentive redesign to place greater emphasis on service delivery and customer satisfaction, not just top line revenue

4. Channel and distributor management

  • Deployment of a technology solution to visualise performance, manage quality assurance and achieve regulatory/legal compliance
  • Redesign of the performance management and contracting process to align customer satisfaction and distributor performance with financial compensation
  • Restructuring and automation of the channel referral process to drive activity through premium partners – i.e. those partners consistently delivering outstanding customer service and exceeding KPIs


"Your dedication to our business is highly appreciated. We especially value your candid and honest strategic advice which has helped keep us focused on what we want and need to achieve."


Emerging Market Health Infrastructure Business
"Thank you for helping us to define and map out our business strategy. We’re on the execution journey, and it is going as planned."


Global Life Science Business
"The time that you took to work through our business processes and information, and to visualise them for us; has made an incredible impact on our business performance and customer satisfaction. Thank you."


Customer Service Business